Hardening Buildings to Physical Threats

Trebuchets, catapults and battering rams have long gone out of fashion for overcoming a building as too are the days of relying on a moat, a heavy timber door and a five-lever mortice lock.

Most modern threats to businesses often come in electronic form but unfortunately there is a rise in physical threats to businesses and people. Whether it be a telehandler being used to remove a cash machine or a car being used to do harm against members of the public. Physical security and hardening of structures is an area we all need to consider.

Design physical security poorly and it can feel like you’re entering a prison. Do it well and your building users won’t even notice they’ve entered an area hardened against vehicles.

I’ve been designing approaches to public and private buildings for over ten years. Whether you’re a property management firm, architects or landscape architects I would be more than happy to review either your current arrangements or proposed development.